Meag Hudson is an adoptee who experienced closed adoption.  She was lucky to have knowledge of her adoption her whole life.  

On her 30th birthday, January 4th 2017, a dear friend gifted her an AncestryDNA kit.  This began her journey of finding biological family.  In April 2017, Meag found two siblings, which AncestryDNA initially labeled as cousins.  These two siblings and their adoptive mother were able to help put the puzzle pieces together.  In October 2017, Meag found a paternal aunt and a half sister on the father's side, making clear that most of her other siblings were also half siblings.  Meag has ten siblings in all, eight through the bio-mother's side, and one on the bio-father's, and an adoptive brother.

This blog is Meag’s account of her discoveries and her attempt to advocate for adoptees, birthmothers, mental health, and impoverished mentally ill persons.